Top 10 Project Management Solution Companies - 2021

Project Management - 2021

\\\\ Top Project Management Solution Companies \\\\

\\\\\\\\\\ Top Project Management Solution Companies \\\\\\\\\

  • Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

    Microsoft provides the best project management software in the industry that provides the project manager with a road map for project execution.MS Project also offers integrated project management dashboards and monitoring features. Managers and their teams can use features such as planning, scheduling, grid view, board view, timeline view, communication & collaboration, co-authoring, reporting, roadmap, and resource management to work seamlessly without any disruptions—all within a single platform. With MS Project, they can prepare insightful reports and make data-driven decisions based on project proposals, project timelines, and employee schedules. As the amount of time assigned to assignments and work is measured, the expenditure is decided by software in proportion to the number of work hours—from the task-level to the project-level

    Microsoft undeniably offers one of the best-in-class solutions for construction management. It helps project managers work confidently with a powerful project management tool that makes getting started and managing projects both simple and easy

    Satya Nadella, CEO

    Redmond, Washington, United States
  • TriBuild, Inc

    TriBuild, Inc. is a construction contractor software company established to provide MEP contractors with advanced technology solutions to manage projects easier, save time, and increase profits. TriBuild's focus is to offer solutions to the high-value specialty trade contractors who are under-served by many of the large technology firms and also on contractors using traditional workflow tools struggling with siloed data and more accessible communication in their project management

    TriBuild Construction Management Solution Can Help A Contractor Manage Their Documents, RFIs, Change Orders, Submittals, Budget, Billing And Other Aspects Of A Project

    Patrick Bohle, CEO

    Broomfield, Colorado
  • 4cast is a cloud-based project management application that enables users to plan, track and forecast their project budgets. Excel budgets come with formulas that often fail, and massive construction software systems sometimes are not worth the cost for those working in the Owner or Owner's Rep role. budget4cast was designed by an Owner's rep to solve this budget management requirement from the Owner's perspective, giving all the right information right when it is needed

  • Civalgo

    Civalgo provides operational project management abilities that bring a novel bottom-up approach to the civil works and infrastructure market. It enables self-performing and general contractors to run their businesses inside an operational driven management environment that concentrate on work breakdown structure (WBS) data captured on the job site, real-time performance tracking of connected teams on the field, and improved productivity analytics to control cost as well as manage allocated project resources (labor, equipment, materials)

  • IntelliSpeX

    IntelliSpeX develops intuitive technology applications to improve construction efficiency with virtual presence technology. Its platform offers control of projects without the extra noise of building information modeling solutions and performs work within contract guidelines without slowing the tempo of urgency and gives shareholders access anywhere at any time through a web browser that allows the construction companies to increase the efficiency of their day-to-day work. The company was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Edgewater, Maryland

  • MOCA Systems

    MOCA is a full-service Owner's Representative and software development firm serving the design and construction industry. The firm is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Baltimore, MD, Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Salt Lake City, UT, St. Paul, MN, and Niceville, FL. MOCA's niche in Early Project Definition and Alignment helps clients align their building projects for success by becoming engaged at the very beginning of each project, and bringing together the project's qualitative and quantitative elements described in quality, scope, cost and time

  • Oracle

    Oracle Project Management empowers project managers to plan the work, assign resources, forecast to completion, and communicate to stakeholders, while streamlining the collaborative execution of project work. Asset owners and project leaders rely on Oracle Construction and Engineering software for the visibility and control, connected supply chain, and data security needed to drive performance and mitigate risk across their processes, projects, and organization. Feel confident in your digital transformation with modern cloud solutions that grow and scale with you at every step of your journey. Enable efficiency, collaboration, and change control for your teams that plan, build, and operate critical assets

  • Procore Technologies

    Procore is a software company that specializes in cloud-based construction management software. It gives Procore, a cloud-based construction project management software solution to manage important project data and Procore Mobile, a mobile construction application that allows users to review, edit, create, and share project data with team members from various locations. The company helps firms drastically increase project accountability and efficiency by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation

  • Rhumbix

    Rhumbix is the developer of a mobile platform designed for the construction craft workforce. It is a construction field data company that digitizes field data and workflows into the cloud via mobile devices. It adds a modern touch to construction field operations, helping builders go paperless in the field, and improving how they measure a well as manage labor productivity to be more profitable. Rhumbix was established in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California

  • Strukshur

    Strukshur Platform is a revolutionary online design and project management system dedicated to helping the entire remodeling, construction and home improvement industry